NYC Public Affairs (NPA)

A television talk show hosted by Jacob Milton, John A Messer, esq and others. On the show they discuss different subjects with professionals, public officials, judges and other experts about education, economy, environment, civil rights and other issues which effect dailylife of regular people and whole community as well.

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Jacob Milton
Jacob Milton, a young, educated, socially conservative, and politically conscious immigrant from Bangladesh, was looking at his community and was saddened by how vulnerable they are. Many Bangladeshi people who live outside of Bangladesh have a communication problem because they do not speak English; they are scared to go the hospital even when they are seriously sick; they are often scared to talk to an attorney even if they need one very badly; and frightened to get progress reports for their school going children. In fact, they are sometimes even hesitant to go the grocery store to buy food because they do not know the name of the various products.

Jacob Milton also observed that immigration problems often plague his fellow countrymen. Because of lack of communication skills, many Bangladeshi people are taken advantage of. They are sometimes charged hundreds of dollars to fill out immigration forms and their credit cards are frequently fraudulently charged. Many people are also led to commit credit card, insurance, and tax fraud.

After witnessing these atrocities, Jacob Milton decided to quit his senior managerial position from a federated department store and create a community to help his disadvantaged countrymen. Jacob met a young attorney named John A. Messer, who was doing business in Bangladeshi community and shared his feelings about making a difference. So in May 2006, Jacob Milton and John A. Messer created a platform from which they are able to help not only the Bangladeshi community, but others too.

Since that time, Jacob and John have used their own financial resources to purchase a cable television time slot, globe cast network, and a Queen’s public television slot. On their show, the duo have interviewed senators, congressmen, public officials, and politicians. They also brought government officials, attorneys, judges, doctors, and others to discuss the subjects which affect the daily lives of people from all communities.

Though incredibly rewarding, this has not been an easy task, and Jacob Milton has paid a high price to help the community. Critics and skeptics continue to attack Jacob Milton and his work today. But Jacob Milton has decided to continue his work for the betterment of his community and his country, because "he has a dream".

Along with Jacob Milton, many other individuals work tirelessly to continue the cause of Hope Bangladesh. Please take a moment to meet the Hope Bangladesh family.